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as ADJ as = aussi ADJ que
as ADV as = aussi ADV que
as many Ns as = autant de Ns que
as few Ns as = aussi peu de Ns que
as much N as = autant de N que
as little N as = aussi peu de N que

The first correlator can be replaced with so, though this is very marked (and rare).

just as ADJ as. ("But elder brother was just as late (last night) as I was (tonight), and you hardly said a word to him.")

Non-equivalence / proportion

not as funny as Mr Bean
half as wise as all that
half as many again (= 50% more)
half as much effort (see contexts: [1])
twice as many people
twice as much traffic
three times as many cars


As I was on call anyway, I decided to go in to work. --> Puisque/Comme j'étais d'astreinte de toutes façons, j'ai décidé d'aller bosser.

Marker of simultaneity

As I was parking, I realized I had forgotten my cellphone. En me garant, je me suis rendu compte que j'avais oublié mon portable.