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All of these characters appeared on the ill-fated Wikipedia Review at proboards. Behind these pseudonyms was another synonym: Rogol Domedonefors, who later became more commonly known as Renée Bagslint, as well as any number of female and male pseudonyms. A comment at genderdesk alleged to unmask the good Rogol as an accomplished teacher of maths.

  • Mary Ann Cotton: woman who murdered a series of husbands (note how few women terrorists/mass shooters there are)
  • Joseph Bazalgette -- creator of a network of sewers. Great cleaner of the Thames. ^^
  • Henrietta Palphramond -- character in a novel
  • Henry Bellringer -- character in same novel
  • Anne Catherick -- character in a novel; like Hersilie Rouy, an "illegitimate" child
  • Jeanne de Valois Saint Rémy -- con artist (who could trace her lineage back to Roi Henri II), involved in selling a replica of a diamond necklace to a Cardinal and selling the diamonds from the real necklace (originally designed for Mme du Barry): affaire cu collier de la Reine

Charenton / Psychology

  • François Simonet de Coulmier -- Clergy, politician, director of an asylum (Charenton), where Sade was interned. He was a reformer (more humane, trying medical treatments, letting Sade write & stage plays in the asylum).
  • Hersilie Rouy -- author of Mémoires d'une aliénée, interned for 15 years due to the machinations of her half brother (related to an inheritance from their father). "The voices, oh the voices!!" (from memory)
  • Louis-Florentin Calmeil -- director of Charenton when Hersilie Rouy was brought there.
  • Albert Eulenberg -- professor of pharmacology and neurology. Wrote about Sade.
  • Eugène Dühren -- Pseudonym under which Iwan Bloch (dermatologist / psychologist / sexologist) published Sade's Les 120 journées de Sodom ou l'École de Libertinage in 1904
  • Wilhelm Fliess -- A pretty odd-sounding fellow who worked with Freud. Had views on innate bisexuality and on a nasal-genital relationship. Apparently was not a very attentive surgeon, having permanently disfigured a patient (Emma Eckstein) who Freud had referred to him.

tryptofiddled cards on animal rights "activists"

  • Lewis Gompertz
  • Rukmini Devi Arundale
  • Marie Huot
  • Norah Dacre Fox: activist or advocate?

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