AC2020: Baying at the moon about horrid hounds

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A number of people have made false claims of "hounding" against me.

Sagecandor (Cirt sockpuppet)

After dealing with Snooganssnoogans at Stein Jill Stein in 2016, I subscribed to RfC/Politics, Government, and law.

From 5-26 Dec 2016 an RfC on the page you are lynching Negroes And you are lynching Negroes was listed there.

Following that link, and reading the page, I learned that Sagecandor had decided to nominate the article as a good article. He was (and still is) the main author of the entry: (authorship). The article had the typical Sagecandor touch, viz. multiple cites used to say the same thing over and over in different ways.

This was familiar to me due to the fact that his extensive labours on "Fake news website" (authorship) and Russian interference in the 2016 US election (see especially the first 500 edits) had been previously discussed on Jimbo Talk. On that page listing the first 500 edits to the "Russian interference" entry you will find 220 occurrences of Sagecandor and 0 occurrences of SashiRolls.

The comment on the propaganda page was not "hounding", but rather constructive criticism appropriate to a pending GA review (unless there is some rule that only official GA reviewers may comment on GA nominations and passersby summoned by RfCs started by other people should keep quiet). Within hours, I was blocked by Dennis Brown for 6 months as a result of this comment, and SageCandor's accusation of "hounding" was transcribed into my block record without critical examination.

Despite the block, I decided to continue to keep an eye on the AmPol area because it was clear that something bigger was afoot than a lone contributor pursuing their hobby for their own interests. As a result, when I returned, I presented compelling evidence that a significant astro-turfing operation had been led by Sagecandor. I only "confronted" Sagecandor with this evidence once (on the talk page of "Bibliography of Donald Trump"). Eight minutes later he filed an extensive 11K complaint. Within hours, I was ineffed by the mysterious GoldenRing (who had passed a crat-chat RfA just a few months earlier with 88 opposes (one of which noticed their attraction to gamer-gate style drama) and less than 700 mainspace edits), who accused me of "harassment" despite my never having contacted Cirt.

While blocked, I grant that I did follow Sagecandor's public edits because they were acting as an SPA with crystal clear ideological intentions (which is indeed why they were topic-banned from politicians' BLPs in the first place).

Tryptofish's false "hounding" accusations

Tryptofish accused me on several occasions of following him around to multiple pages and said they had never followed me around. I debunked the claim that he had never followed me anywhere by showing that he had, in fact, followed me to a number of pages including Jill Stein, Political positions of Jill Stein, AE: Sagecandor v. SashiRolls I, AE: Sagecandor v. SashiRolls II, AN: my unblock appeal in November 2018 (strongest possible oppose), and an ANI thread I opened about Snooganssnoogans which had nothing to do with him. Since then, he has continued to follow me to dramaboards despite having had a mutual IBAN imposed on him. He successfully requested to have this 2-way no-fault IBAN lifted, and in so doing stated that I had followed him around again, which Levivich systematically disproved with all the pertinent diffs. Thank you again for doing so, Lev. That was, I'm sure, an incredibly time-consuming post to make so easily readable.

Kingofaces43 repeats the claims, knowing them to be false

After being called out for the third time for making things up in their GMO cases against me, Kingofaces43 chose to continue pushing the bogus line about me "following Trypto around" in Tony's AN thread. Nobody debunked the story, as their testimony had already been thoroughly discredited. I couldn't do so as I was still under the effect of a mutual topic ban with Trypto -- created by (who else?) El C.

Drmies' allegations of "hounding"

One hour and one minute after Tony Ballioni posted his version of events on my talk page and on El C's talkpage to AN, Drmies (a former arbitrator) posted this: I think the best thing you can do, and you can do this right now, in less than 30 seconds, is to repudiate your hounding of El C and say you will not engage in that kind of behavior anymore. Drmies provided no evidence of any hounding.

At first, I thought OK, I'll agree not to bother El C as I hadn't intended to do that anyway, but then I realized I needed to stand up to the false claim. I explained that I had not interacted with El C pretty much anywhere except their talk page since the last time El C had sanctioned me (indef): once in May and once in June.

Drmies quickly backpedaled, saying he would retract "hounding": You win that battle, because I won't be able to make the argument, probably until the weekend.

MastCell saved him from having to make good on that promise with his premature close, which also denied me the chance to formulate a defense on the weekend as I had requested.

Snooganssnoogans and the corrected agreement error

Snoog's trumped up charges have already been debunked at AN/I. This does not need to be a subject of further bad blood, unless they bring up my correction of their agreement error on Reconquista in 2016 (yet again) at ArbCom.

Postscript: Snoog has not let it go, but continues to make BS claims that it is a bad thing when someone fixes your agreement error.

(his diff includes only one of my two lifetime edits to Reconquista back in 2016)