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definite article

two pronunciations: ðə before a consonant, and ði before a vowel.

The sound ð is often deictic. That means it points to something in the world (or something that's been pointed out earlier in the course of discussion). (digit - doigt - deixis)

e.g. there, them, they, then, this, that, thus, therefore, these, those, thither, whither, etc.

definite determiner

Another way of saying 'definite article'. People use determiners to determine just what exactly they are talking about:

  • the (definite determiner)
  • a (indefinite determiner)
  • my, your, etc. (possessive determiner)


  • not any
  • any
  • each
  • every
  • no


  • this
  • that
  • these
  • those


  • all

Comparative correlative construction

  • The more, the merrier...
  • The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
  • The greater the risk, the greater the gain.
  • The longer you wait, the worse it gets.
  • The less said, the better.
  • The more we talked, the more I began to understand her point of view.
    "What big eyes you have, grandmother!"
    "The better to see you with, my dear."