Splendors and Glooms

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Splendors and Glooms is a 2012 children's novel written by Laura Amy Schlitz. It takes place in Victorian England. The book won a Newbery in 2013.[1]



It takes place in Victorian England.


Lizzie Rose

  • She is an orphan, like Parsefall. Her father was a very famous actor. When Lizzie Rose is interviewed by the coppers, constable Hawkins was impressed.


  • He is an orphan, like Lizzie Rose, but he is a puppeteer and a thief
  • His master is Gaspare Grisini (who has taught him to pick pockets and locks, to be a puppeteer).
  • He is always hungry.

Clara Wintermute


  • Cassandra is a witch tormented by a fire opal.
  • She's loaded: she has emeralds, a fire opal, tiger pelts, fur coats.
  • She and Gaspare Grisini are enemies


  • Ruby is a lap-spaniel. She is Mrs. Pinchbeck's dog, but Lizzie Rose takes care of her.
  • Everyone loves Ruby, even Cassandra (who Ruby really likes). There are only two exceptions: Parsefall & Grisini, neither of whom seem to like dogs.

Gaspare Grisini

Marguerite (dead)

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