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Prepare a cross-platform basic installation package for an educational intranet. Assumption: the intranet server is running on Apache. The idea being to close down as much as possible access to internet, unless desired by the educational team. Rather than blocking sites, it might be much more interesting to allow sites, one by one. (notamment, google earth, wikipedia, CNRTL, Word-Reference, anglais façile, etc., etc., chaque prof fournissant un liste simple de sites en mode texte)


Word Processing



  • firefox

Text editor (syntax highlighting)

  • bluefish

epub readers

  • Calibre


  • irfan view
  • GIMP

AV playback

  • vlc

audio editing

  • audacity

video editing

  • blender

Subject specific

  • geogebre

ENT wide

possibilité d'accèder à:

  • Moodle
  • media-wiki (software behind wikipedia)

possibilité d'installer sous profile:

  • wordpress