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This wiki needs a jazz page. It will very likely grow. The name of this page is taken from Oakland-based Ishmael Reed's 1972, Mumbo Jumbo, which conjures "a centuries-old battle between two shadow forces: a group representing European institutional order and Jes Grew, a virus/movement/pleasure-seeking principle originating among black artists."[1]

  • What do you think that this Jes Grew is up to?
  • It’s up to its Text. For some, it’s a disease, a plague, but in fact it is an anti-plague. You will recall, Black Herman, that in the past there were germs that avoided words.[2]

After starting the page, I learned of Conjure's "Jes' Grew".

Growing Season 2021

Creative master plan

Pharaoh Sanders, Karma, "The Creator Has a Master Plan", 1969.
In the BFE 1995 version you still hear the Armistad.
as you do in the Roman theatre in Vienne (2011)
"Jump Around Sound", Budapest (2008)

Note: People are speaking of these promised movements in hushed, even churchy tones :o.o: [3]

New Maps

Tigran Hamasyan, New Maps, 2020
video -- made from images shot in Armenia, the US, Russia, and the UK -- directed by Vahan Stepanyan

Jockey Full o Bourbon

Tom Waits
Youn Sun Nah & Ulf Wakenius

Psysco Kid!

YIN YIN, The Rabbit that Hunts Tigers, 2019.


Wolfgang Haffner, Kind of Tango, 2020.
Wolfgang Haffner (d.), Christopher Dell (vib.), Sebastian Studnitzky (trpt.), Bill Evans (sax) Simon Oslender (p.), Ulf Wakenius (g.), Vincent Peirani (acc.), Lars Danielsson (b., cell., flug.).


The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra, Dieu Poulet, 2021.
an 18-piece band from Lyon that's a lot of fun.[4]


Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble, Mamari, 2021.

San Francisco

Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Live in San Francisco, 1991.
h/t El C.


Jun Fukamachi, Quark, 1980
See also, Nicole (1986 Spring and Summer collection) @ bandcamp[5]
(I think I prefer the phrog.)

Previous issues


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