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Linked at Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/Medicine/Workshop#Response to Tryptofish

  • 22:02 April 3, 2018, Tryptofish says: "But I will certainly remember this", regarding Colin's use of the word "guys". This appears to be the starting point for an extended rehashing of old grievances.

I AGF for the first time going forward, in spite of this indication of some issue that Tryptofish has with Colin.

  • 17:13 April 4, during a discussion where I am trying to sort out all of the issues now in evidence on this page directly with James, Tryptofish says, "If you choose to edit medical pages, you can, but you have to deal with it as it is." (This is the first time I take to my room sobbing—but not the last with Tryptofish—because it is apparent that I will not be allowed to even try to sort these issues directly with James without interference. Despair sets in. It is near impossible to have a conversation with James without interference.)
  • 17:30 April 4, 2018, Colin likens that to women being told they must put up with abuse in the workplace, which was exactly what I felt. Since I am always loathe to admit that (having spent my entire career in male-dominated industries), it was surprising to me that Colin picked that up, but I never said anything about it.
  • 18:07 April 4, 2018, Tryptofish responds with, duly noted, no recognition of how I had been treated.

I AGF for the second time as work proceeds on Dementia with Lewy bodies until the next issue crops up at Dementia with Lewy bodies. (Much good discussion interspersed among these diffs is left out, and the main source of problematic editing was not Tryptofish, rather another party not involved here.)

I AGF for the third time, and stay out of whatever issue Tryptofish has with Colin, when On July 12, 2018 after one post, Tryptofish bans Colin from his talk page. Fast forward to December 2019 ANI:

Nonetheless, I will go on to my fourth AGF:

  • 15:18, January 5, 2020 where I reach out to Trypto after they feel "ignored"
  • 11:11 January 6, 2020 Colin starts User talk:Barkeep49/Archives/3#Lack of AGF thread.
  • 19:57 January 6, 2020 Tryptofish makes commentary to James about "insurance" for arbcom
  • 20:30 January 6, 2020 Tryptofish responds for the first time at Barkeep's page, with "it's easy to take selected passages out of context, frame them as something other than what they really are, without also presenting the context, including the provocations as well as the much larger amount of talk in which I have been trying to foster positive steps forward, all of which is a good reason why this is likely to end up at ArbCom." Tryptofish adds: "Colin is one of only three editors whom I have banned from my talk page", once again, rehashing old grievances, and not mentioning that this ban occurred after one post, no discussion, no attempt to engage to resolve differences. In fact, I can find no indication of Tryptofish ever having tried to resolve this difference, yet they continue to bring it up.
  • 03:23 January 7, 2020 Barkeep responds pointing this towards AE, saying "I think the diffs Colin has put together are more than sufficient for a filling at WP:AE."
  • 04:08 January 7, 2020 Within an hour, Tryptofish puts up a retirement notice


So, now for my fifth AGF, when Tryptofish accused me of "battleground" and "intimidation" at User talk:Barkeep49/Archives/4#Arbcom case, I did not name Tryptofish as a party to the case, although his involvement is far deeper than many other named parties. The "consternation" is that this was not the first time Tryptofish's actions had me taken to my room, sobbing in frustration at how they shut down discussion and fail to AGF. Template:Pb What stands out in this entire chronology is that Tryptofish has many times declared their dislike of Colin, banned Colin from their talk page after one post, expressed on the other hand friendship with James, made it difficult for me to resolve issues directly with James on talk, yet chose to be involved as a key party in a dispute between Colin and James. This was unlikely to end well, and it has not; this problem rests with Tryptofish's continual rehashing of a personal grievance, which added an unnecessary dimension of consternation (particularly for me in my attempts to resolve things directly with James).