En-WP:Act IV -- E.D.

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ED is a terribly ambiguous sequence when you fall through the Wiki-WormHole.

  • Is it that formerly Swedish- now .rs-served Encyclopedia Dramatica?
  • the executive director.. currently Katherine Maher, formerly Lila Tretikov, formerly Sue Grafton, formerly ... (?)
  • Etienne Dolet, that ill-fated publisher who the ever-ready WikiKnight Volunteer Marek is always jousting with?
  • One thing it does not seem to be often related to is education, which is Wiki Ed. (case is important)


Free work for the interned. archive

Neutrality & MindMatrix get gold set for its post-election launch into the wikibubble machine

DYK: New York Gold Exchange

Obscure rulez and acronymz

DYK = Did you know / bubblegum factoids.

WP:QPQ (reviewed a DYK? quid pro quo... pay it forward...)
WP:DYKAR: free work when you can get it...

Note on arbitration

The Daily Mess

... and then WS-1 blew...

Clinton Foundation News

After intense cleanup on the WaPo and some work on the Qatar page, I find power~enwiki on my watchlist again on the Clinton Foundation-State Department Controversy article. Looks like that talk page may need some archiving in case they chose to make it disappear... :)