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Thirteen people used my quick indication of the rhetoric being used as either their only reason or part of their reason for site-banning me. I apologize for editing TB's post, but figured if I didn't I would be site-banned before I left work based on previous experiences. I should have been patient and had more faith that people would look at the actual evidence.

  1. Purely disruptive, should be blocked for that alone -- Amory
  2. editing another's signed comments like that would be enough all by itself for me to block -- Cryptic
  3. I highly suggest editors look at the diff. Aside from the edit summary describing this report as a “lynching”, it’s basically multiple swipes at various editors and administrators. -- Symmachus Auxiliarus
  4. This was it for me. -- Callanecc
  5. I can't believe Sashi changed Tony's opening post, and changed it in the way that he did. [1] What is that, suicide by admin? (diff) -- Bishonen
  6. SashiRolls' bellicosity and the resulting disruption have been an intractable problem for far too long. Attacking El_C and deceptively editing TonyBallioni's post are the latest in an exhausting series of misconduct by this editor. -- MrX
  7. The only reason for changing the opening statement of this section could possibly be that this editor wanted to be banned. -- Phil Bridger
  8. ... their deceptive editing of TB’s opening post is the last straw. -- P-K3
  9. I find their attempt to modify the discussion here particularly egregious. That level of deception combined with the lack of awareness (did they think we wouldn't notice) and contempt for the community is clear evidence that we are unable to trust them and that their editing cannot be safely continued. -- Nick (in charge of admissions to IRC/admin)
  10. I'm quite frankly stunned at the deceptive editing in this thread alone. -- stwalkerster (another IRC/admin?)
  11. And this is beyond the pale. -- Hut 8.5
  12. Sashi just edited my initial post changing my words about his behaviour to suit him, and referring to it as a “lynching”. -- Tony Ballioni
  13. This blatant disregard for discussion guidelines and civil discourse (e.g. replacing "American politics topic ban" with "Pissed folks off working on Media Coverage of Bernie Sander" in the filing of this AN thread), are just not acceptable. -- Mark H21

I do indeed regret my very uncharacteristic use of the term "pissed off" on 4 hours sleep.