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Walrus Cows and Yearlings on Ice


UK: jɪə(r), jɜː(r)
US: jɪr

365 days. (except in a leap year, which has an extra day)

It's always embarrassing when mistaking years for hours in conversation, but it happens...

maybe because of the similarity between English hour [aʊəʳ], French jour [ʒuʁ] and English year [jɜːr].

Related Greek hōra 1) year, season, any part of a year; and 2) any part of a day, hour (to which both English words are distantly related) is of no help at all in getting this sorted in anyone's head.


Derived words

  • yearly: annual
  • year-long: lasting for or throughout the year qui dure pendant une ou tout au long de l' année
  • yearling (1-year-old animal)
  • of yore: of years gone by