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Subject pronoun: who

  • Who asked him?
  • Who told her?

Object pronoun: whom

  • The person (whom) I thought was responsible was not, in fact, to blame.
  • Ask not for whom the bell tolls.
  • To whom it may concern:

whom has fallen into disuse except when following a preposition.

Interrogative pronoun

An unknown (wh-) person

  • Who did you see?
  • Hmm... who(m) should we ask?

Relative pronoun

allows further modification of the preceding noun or pronoun.

  • Marla's the one who's supposed to be doing this, not me! She's the one who volunteered...
  • Look! It's the guy who was at the train station.

Derived forms

who(m)ever: n'importe qui, qui qu'il soit, quiconque, ...


  • Not to be confused with the World Heath Organisation (WHO / OMS)
  • or with The Who singing their famous "Who in the world are you" song... ^^

  • or with The Hu, for that matter...