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WikiSysop is a smiling cyborg sashi...

Gibel sensatsii RUR.jpg

finger man

"What should 0nyone expect of man?"
  1. google "expect man"
  2. bodhi-google and sister duck both return the *nix manual page entry for expect, which allows a serf robot1 to respond appropriately when questioned by slave robots.
  3. for the moment, at least, we command robots with verbs [+ flavors] as defined in the man.

1 The poster (1935) to the right features Rossumovi univerzální roboti, from Karel Čapek's 1921 novel, and the etymological reference for the association of the Slavic root robota -- servitude -- which has given rise to verbs like работать "work" and nouns like работа "work". Work contains the same root -erg as energy, gamergate, emergency, urgent, etc. Romance trabajar, trabalhar, trebalhar, travagliare, travai, travail may well not come from a Latin torture instrument (trepalium), but rather from tr(a/i)- (intensifying particle) + bajulare (exagitare, vexare, molestare). (source).