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light verb

A light verb is a verb for which the semantic charge or load is "light". In other words it can be used anywhere, c'est un verbe à tout faire. Here "have" replaces more precise (or semantically heavy) words like eating, inviting, carrying, growing, or experiencing.

  • We're having tuna casserole tonight.
  • They're having us over for dinner.
  • I'm having a baby.
  • I'm having contractions.

The above are all events, though because be + ing represents either current or future time in 1-3, only the 3rd and 4th examples refer to an event that is in motion as the speaker speaks.

  • We're having (some) trouble Ving...
  • We're having trouble meeting the production schedule.
  • We're having trouble getting paid.
  • I'm having (some) trouble with...
    • the fridge
    • the microwave
    • my vendors
    • my supplier

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