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DRAFT. (23/01/14)


pour le choix de classification il faut que je relise Huddlestone, je ne le comprends pas encore. Je laisse "focalizing" provisoirement.


As with one of its translations même, even can precede an outlier (in a set of possibilities)

  • They even called the President.
  • They were saddened, troubled, even angered by the decision.
  • Even Mario started dancing.
  • Even if they could get here by six, we would still miss the flight.

or it can be used to reinforce a comparative (encore in French):

  • Janice had run even farther than Jorge
  • Fruit can be even tastier with a bit of mint & honey.


Often used with the particles "up" and "out"

  • aplanir
  • égaliser


not odd

2, 4, 6, 8 (les nombres pairs)


  • even odds = 1:1 (if you bet one dollar, you get one dollar if you win)

Similar meanings in the nominal and verbal domain:

  • get even with = often, "get revenge"
  • evening out the work load


  • The path was fairly even.
  • The path was uneven.


  • The match was (un)even.
  • The quality of the work is uneven.


  • even-keeled (stable)
  • even-handed (impartial)