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This page has been copied from User:James J. Lambden's sandbox at Wikipedia (for further study, update, and archival). Links will not work until I've translated them

Columns: date, filer (if applicable), subject, and result.

  • Gray rows indicate the subject's edits were pro-Trump or anti-Clinton.
  • White rows indicate the subject's edits were pro-Clinton or anti-Trump.
  • Check mark indicates sanction duration greater than 1 week

Arbitration Enforcement


  • note: one case from May (TParis v. Snooganssnoogans) has been added because of its importance...
Date Filer Subject Sanction Admin Comment
2016/08/02 Volunteer Marek Doc9871 Bishonen * Doc9871 (talk · contribs) topic banned 1 month from all pages related to Donald Trump by Bishonen (talk · contribs), and is further warned that any disruption in the topic areas covered under Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/American politics 2 will lead to an extension and/or broadening of the ban. (Link)
2016/08/15 EtienneDolet Volunteer Marek
My very best wishes
Lord Roem No action taken, see admin discussion below. (Link)
2016/08/27 Geogene JGabbard Lord Roem JGabbard (talk · contribs) is topic-banned from the topic of post-1932 politics of the United States, and closely related people, broadly construed, for six months. (Link)
2016/9/10 The Four Deuces Volunteer Marek Lord Roem No action taken. (Link)
2016/09/24 CFredkin Volunteer Marek ✓ * Lord Roem CFredkin is banned from the topic of post-1932 politics of the United States, and closely related people, broadly construed, for three months. (Link)
2016/10/08 Volunteer Marek Marteau Not closed (Link)
2016/10/18 Anythingyouwant Volunteer Marek Ymblanter * Request withdrawn. (Link)
2016/10/20 BU Rob13 Anythingyouwant Seraphimblade The originally reported edits were good faith reverts as potential BLP problems and so were exempt from revert restrictions. Therefore, no violation of 1RR occurred from these edits. Any other issues should be brought up as separate issues rather than being rolled into this one. All editors are reminded that a clear consensus is required to revert an edit which notes it corrects a BLP problem. (Link)
2016/10/27 DrFleischman My very best wishes EdJohnston No action taken (Link)
2016/10/27 Volunteer Marek Anythingyouwant Vanamonde Anythingyouwant (talk · contribs) is banned from the topic of post-1932 politics of the United States, and closely related people, broadly construed, until the 2016 US presidential election is complete and the losing candidate has conceded, or until December 1, whichever is earlier. (Link)
2016/10/28 EvergreenFir Wecarlisle Dennis Brown Premature for AE. Handled as a conventional administrative issue, short block issued by Bishonen. (Link)
2016/11/05 MrX Ihardlythinkso Lankiveil Ihardlythinkso (talk · contribs) is banned from the topic of post-1932 politics of the United States, and closely related people, broadly construed, until the 2016 US presidential election is complete and the losing candidate has conceded, or until December 1, whichever is earlier. (Link)

2016/11/18 The Wordsmith EEng Seraphimblade There's no consensus that any sanctions should apply against EEng. While there is also not a consensus on whether the initial deletion was appropriate, the matter was later resolved through discussion, so it's rather moot at this point. No further action has been suggested or seems to be needed. There may be an indication that a wider community discussion is needed on what's acceptable in terms of "joke" and satire pages, but that's well beyond the scope of AE. (Link)
2016/11/21 Volunteer Marek bloodofox EdJohnston Bloodofox is banned for one year from the topic of the Clintons and from people and organizations related to the Clintons on all pages of Wikipedia. (Link)
2016/11/25 Volunteer Marek Doc9871 MastCell By consensus of responding admins, Doc9871 is indefinitely banned from any edit about, and any page related to, post-1932 politics of the United States and closely related people. (Link)
2016/11/25 MelanieN TheTimesAreAChanging Dennis Brown TheTimesAreAChanging is admonished and strongly warned that there is a reason why articles on American Politics are under Arb restriction. You are at the edge of getting topic banned or blocked. I would remind you that Arb restricted areas have little rope and you just used yours up. (Link)
2016/12/09 Sagecandor Ag97 Lankiveil * Editor has been topic-banned by the community at ANI, making this discussion moot. (Link)
2016/12/15 TheTimesAreAChanging SPECIFICO Dennis Brown No violation has occurred. No action taken. (Link)
2016/12/15 Sagecandor Tlroche ✓ ✓ T. Canens Tlroche (talk · contribs) is banned indefinitely from all edits about, and all pages related to post-1932 politics of the United States and closely related people, broadly construed across all namespaces. SashiRolls (talk · contribs) is indefinitely prohibited from commenting on AE requests to which they are not a party. (Link)
2016/12/19 Sagecandor SashiRolls Dennis Brown While a consensus is not required to act, I think there is a consensus for strong action here. Per the evidence, I am blocking SashiRolls for 6 months as a conventional block (non-AE) for Wikihounding and disruptive editing. His behavior has spanned more than AE areas and is in fact worse outside of AE areas. (Link)
2016/12/21 Volunteer Marek SaintAviator Peacemaker67 Closed with no action, SaintAviator is reminded to be more careful with their comments referring to other editors, and particularly that they think twice about making inappropriate comments about living persons. (Link)
2016/12/26 Volunteer Marek INeverCry Laser brain Closed with no action. Participants are reminded to work out content disputes without making personal attacks and using rollback inappropriately. There is also no consensus that Julian Assange falls under WP:ARBEE. (Link)
2016/12/28 EtienneDolet Volunteer Marek ✓ * Bishonen Closed with no action. User:EtienneDolet has undertaken to voluntarily abstain from participation at WP:AE for six months, except for responding to any filings where he's a named party. (Link)
2017/01/09 Casprings TheTimesAreAChanging Sandstein TheTimesAreAChanging is indefinitely topic-banned from the WP:ARBAPDS topic area (post-1932 U.S. politics and closely related people), and may appeal this restriction after six months have passed. (Link)
2017/02/06 Sir Joseph Kuioooooo Sandstein Agree with closing as no action, but on different grounds. Even as amended the complaint does not make clear that Kuioooooo was properly notified of the applicable sanctions before the edits at issue. Closing accordingly. (Link)
2017/02/11 Woodroar Neptune's Trident Sandstein It is clear that Neptune's Trident has violated their GamerGate topic ban by editing articles about subjects who according to their articles support the GamerGate "movement". This means we do not need to determine whether he has also violated WP:BLP. Neptune's Trident has declined to make a statement here. There have been four previous blocks of up to one month for various misconduct. In line with our practice of escalating blocks, an enforcement block of two months therefore appears appropriate. Closing accordingly. (Link)
2017/02/12 Steve Quinn Guccisamsclub Sandstein Closing as no action regarding the diffs submitted as evidence per discussion above. The diffs submitted separately by SPECIFICO can, if they are actionable, be resubmitted as a separate enforcement request - in proper form, with dates and explanations. (Link)
2017/02/12 JFG SPECIFICO Sandstein Questionable conduct by more than one editor, but no action taken at this time. (Link)
2017/02/15 Steve Quinn Thucydides411 Coffee Thucydides411 is blocked for one week for violating the page restrictions in effect at 2016 United States election interference by Russia, by reinstating edits that had been challenged (via reversion) without obtaining or seeking consensus first. (Link)
2017/02/25 Steve Quinn JFG Sandstein Content dispute, no action taken. (Link)
2017/03/01 Volunteer Marek CatapultTalks Coffee CatapultTalks is hereby banned, for 3 months, from editing any and all pages regarding post-1932 politics of the United States, and closely related people, broadly construed. (Link)
2017/03/08 JFG Volunteer Marek NeilN No violation. All of Volunteer Marek's edits today count as one revert, plain and simple. (Link)
2017/04/04 NorthBySouthBaranof TheBD2000 Withdrawn by filing party. (Link)
2017/05/24 TParis Snooganssnoogans Dennis Brown Snooganssnoogans is banned from mass editing in the area of American Politics post-1932 for an indefinite period of time. This means adding (more or less) the same material to more than two articles. He is free to use the talk page of any article to request edits if he feels more articles should have the material. He may appeal at WP:AE after one year and every six months after that if the first appeal is unsuccessful. (Link)

Noticeboards / Other


Date Filer Subject Sanction Admin Comment
2016/07/26 JoeM NeilN As you were warned of discretionary sanctions here and almost immediately after made edits that triggered an AN report here I am imposing a temporary 6-month topic ban on all articles and pages related to Hilary Clinton, broadly construed. Past unacceptable editing includes [1], [2], [3], [4], and the edits on Clinton Body Count (Link)
2016/07/29 HappyWaldo Lord Roem The 3RR violation is too stale to issue a block at this time, but I have imposed a one-month topic ban on the editor under the American politics DS provision. (Link)
2016/08/05 ApolloFirenze Bishonen You have been [topic banned from all pages related to Donald Trump for one month] for disruptive editing on Donald Trump. You have ignored the discretionary sanctions in force for this page, despite being repeatedly pointed to them, and repeatedly restored challenged content despite lack of consensus for it. (Link)
2016/10/02 Blue Eagle 21063 Callanecc You have been [topic banned from Alicia Machado for six months for] continued violations of the biographies of living people policy at Talk:Alicia Machado and now on my talk page. (Link)
2016/11/01 KINGOFTO Bishonen You have been [indefinitely topic banned] for persistent disruptive editing at Donald Trump and its talkpage. You have just stuck the NPOV tag on Donald Trump yet again, and again against consensus, after the warnings you have been given. (Link)
2016/11/07 Maslowsneeds Bishonen You have been [indefinitely topic banned] for persistent disruptive editing and WP:BLP violations in this area, and personal attacks towards other users in the process of editing it. (Link)
2016/11/12 TweedVest Ian.thomson You have been [indefinitely topic banned] for WP:BLP violations, POV pushing, and WP:SOAPBOXing. (Link)
2016/11/15 Nomoskedasticity NPalgan2 EdJohnston Voluntary restriction. To avoid a block for edit warring at Stephen Bannon, User:NPalgan2 has agreed to take a two-week break from modifying all Bannon-related content. (Link)
2016/11/22 TimothyJosephWood Scjessey Hammersoft Problematic material removed per WP:BLP, which as noted supersedes guidelines. Inappropriate edit summary removed. Discussion occurring elsewhere. Nothing further to act on here. Closing per suggestions to do so. No light to be gained from further dispute on the issue. (Link)
2016/11/22 JFG Malerooster Slakr [NOTE: Related to 11/22/2016 Scjessey request]
Malerooster restricted to 1RR in WP:ARBAP2 area for 1 month. This is clearly not the first time the editor has been involved in an edit war within the topic area. While I'll err on the side of good faith as far as the 3RR goes (though it seem a stretch), the repeated reverts stop now. (Link)
2016/12/02 Hidden Tempo Bishonen You have been banned for six months from the topic of post-1932 politics of the United States, and closely related people, broadly construed ... for persistent tendentious editing, soapboxing, and WP:BLP violations on Trump- and Clinton-related pages. Compare the warnings on this page and elsewhere. (Link)
2016/12/12 Slatersteven Ag97 KrakatoaKatie Ag97 is community banned from making edits regarding United States politics and conspiracy theories, broadly construed, for a period of one year. (Link)
2017/02/24 Thismightbezach El_C Thismightbezach (talk · contribs) blocked for one month for violating 1RR and 3RR at Breitbart News. Note I had already blocked the user for 24 hours for violating 1RR at the same article, but neglected to log it. (Link)
2017/02/27 Mr Ernie Sandstein Mr Ernie (talk · contribs) is banned from editing the page Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement and its talk pages including any subpages, except to respond to a request for arbitration enforcement against himself, for casting aspersions. (Link)
2017/03/09 Hidden Tempo Doug Weller Hidden Tempo's 6 month topic ban is extended for a month after block evasion. (Link)
2017/03/09 Anonymousedit19923034 NeilN Anonymousedit19923034 blocked two weeks for violating editing restrictions at Tim Kaine (Link)

2017/03/14 TJ&TheAmericanWay Bishonen TJ&TheAmericanWay (talk · contribs) is topic banned for six months from all pages regarding post-1932 politics of the United States, broadly construed. (Link)
2017/04/03 Smalltime0 NeilN Smalltime0 blocked one month for battlefield editing. (Link)
2017/04/22 SPECIFICO NeilN SPECIFICO restricted to only using WP:AE or an uninvolved administrator's talk page to request discretionary sanctions be levied against another editor. (Link)
2017/05/07 Thucydides411 Lord Roem Topic-banned from 2016 United States election interference by Russia after repeat conduct & edit-warring on the talk page; to last for 3 months. (Link)