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The word any is made up of an ( = one ) plus the adjective suffix -y


Some people call any a quantifying adjective, others refer to it as a quantifying determiner.

It is most often used with uncountable nouns and with plural countables, in questions and negative sentences (not ... any)

  • Do you have any idea who wrote this?
when unstressed: une idée, when stressed: le moindre idée
  • Have you seen any good movies lately?
when unstressed: un bon film, des bons films; when stressed: au moins un bon film
  • There aren't any chocolates left.
plus de chocolats
  • I don't have any time free this week. Maybe next Thursday?
pas de temps

Pronoun (Fused NP head)

  • Late at night, you could hear that the building was full of mice. I never saw any in my apartment, though. Neither did my cat. ^^



anyone / anybody


anyway / any way / [anyhow]

any which way

any old way, however you please, n'importe comment
Cf. every which way -- dans tous les sens

any time