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Introduces a subject, theme, or topic as its grammatical object.

  • I don't know much about history,
    don't know much about the French (that) I took.

    (Cf. Sam Cook, "What a Wonderful World" §§)

  • [...] everyone's concerned about Industrial Disease
    On ITV and BBC they talk about the curse

    (Cf. Dire Straits, "Industrial Disease" §§)


Used in the same way as around... as a particle indicating non-goal directed activity:

  • People were milling about in the public square, waiting for the candidate to speak.

Quantifier-modifier (degree adverb)

  • It will take about an hour.
  • It's about 20 kilometers from here.
  • That's just about enough! Alors là, vraiment, ça suffit!
  • Google: about 17 billion occurrences.