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I noticed that the Mob recently voted to remove evidence from the most recently declined case (the one that SmallBones is fretting over at the moment for his unwritten Arbitration Report).

The idea seems to be to break the links in my only case request ever, in order to make sure no future journalists or historians will be able to find the evidence easily. Unfortunately, this strategy of deleting evidence is the path of most drama. I have screenshots showing that the MfD did indeed have the typical Streisand Effect on Wikipedia in the short term. More people looked at the evidence presented because of the "Miscellany for deletion" discussion than because of the ArbCom case. In the long term though, it did get rid of the compromising evidence successfully.

BMK started that MfD & Trypto commented, then BMK started a discussion on the ArbCom noticeboard where Trypto also commented. One of WPO's commissioned arbies (the broxy one) said (as I understand it). We are not the People's Court." (ed. more of a police review board)

ArbCom didn't say anything more or less other than that the case wasn't within their jurisdiction. No writ of certiorari so to speak.

    — WaltCip (source)

So, SmallBones fidgets as policy gets changed over at the flash-banning RfC.

I didn't break Wikipedia as Dr.JJ suggested, but I might have dented the Signpost a little on my way out. ^_^

§ I guess the SignPost is meant to be an in-flight magazine, it doesn't want to alarm the wiki-wiki go-fast runners and riders with too much sneezing.