Nelson Mandela

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"Nelson Mandela: the radical" à AJE:

A2 level

BBC primary history


Breyten Breytenbach's "Nelson Mandela is Free" from [i]The Memory of Birds in Times of Revolution[/i] (1990)

Apartheid / South Africa in Music

international: Paul Simon, Graceland; Youssou N'dour; Bono - U2; "Sun City", Peter Gabriel's "Biko", Gil Scott Heron (Johannesburg), Peter Tosh (Apartheid), Burning Spear, the SWAPO singers with Robert Wyatt ("Winds of Change"), Alpha Blondy ("Apartheid is Nazism") South African: Miriam Makeba.

Comparisons with segregation in the Southern US

Comparisons with Indian reservations in the US

excerpt of the [‎ full report] to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human rights