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Perhaps perverse, but it seems like Middlesex would be an excellent novel in which to study the [i]middle voice[i].

On a first reading, I intend to pull all the instances of "get" that I don't miss. Afterwards, though, it's clear that Book I has a very interesting number of "pathetic fallacies" or "paysage d'état d'âme", doors, eyes, fires, all with a sense of sentient purpose !

Occurences of get

Agentive subject

Book I § The Silver Spoon § 11 | We may get another boy Book I § The Silver Spoon § 11 | Now my mother gets up from the so-called love seat. Book I § The Silver Spoon § 11 | Now my father gets up to make his rounds, turning out light, locking doors. Book I § The Silver Spoon § 13 | Now, in the church basement, she told Chapter Eleven to run off and play with the other children while she got a cup of coffee<u> 'to restore herself'.

Non-agentive subject

Book I § The Silver Spoon § 6 | In the spring of 1959 when discussions of my fertilization <u>got under way, my mother couldn't foresee that women would soon be burning their brassieres by the thousand.