Jes 'grew (winter 2020)

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The ground is not frozen yet and the days are already growing longer!

Addis Ababa

Various, Beyond Addis, 2014.
2666 -- The Art of Listening


Bixiga 70, (II), 2013.
Odete Amaral, "Sei lá, Mangueira", Fala Mangueira!, 1968.
Eumir Deodato & Os Catedraticos, Ataque, 1965.

Bronkohorstspruit (S. Africa)

Sibusile Xaba, Unlearning, 2017.
Sibusile Xaba (g. & v.), Ariel Zamonsky (b.), Bonolo Nkoana (d).


This section is swiped from Banzzaï, 18 Dec 2020.

Damon Locks, Black Monument Ensemble, Where Future Unfolds, 2019.
Art Ensemble of Chicago, Les Stances du Sophie, 1970.

Columbus, Georgia (via NOLA)

Brandford Marsalis Quartet, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, 2020.
I first saw Fences at Swine Palace. I suppose maybe I should break down and join the netflix movement.[1]

Doing Math

Terry Riley & Don Cherry, Köln, Germany (live), 1975.

Farther East

Naïssam Jamal & Rhythms of Resistance, "Almot Wala Almazala", 2016.
Gülistan, Oriental Groove, "Ahtarma Meni - Don't Search Me", 1986.
Kyriakos Sfetsas, Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol. 1, 2018.

Farther North

Arve Henriksen, Towards Language, "Hibernal", 2017.
Ragnheiður Gröndal, Vetrarljóð, "Jólakötturinn", 2004.
Yuletide lore of a prowling chat-garou.[2]

Farther Out

Angelica Sanchez & Marilyn Crispell, How to Turn the Moon, "Ancient Dream", 2020.
John Lurie, "Power", The Legendary Marvin Pontiac: Greatest Hits, 1999.
Space Galvachers, Sounds of Brelok, 2020.
Clément Janinet (violin), Clément Petit (cello), Benjamin Flament (percussion): they call them the SpaceCow-boys;[3] they conjure a grammar above...

Fuzzy Weather

Nucleus, Roots, 1973.                                   Nucleus, Alleycat, 1975.
Ian Carr (t), Jocelyn Pitchen (g), Aureo de Souza (perc), Dave MacRae (p), Brian Smith (s,f), Roger Sutton (b).
Ian Carr (t), Ken Shaw (g), Roger Sellers (d), Geoff Castle (k), Bob Bertles (s,f), Roger Sutton (b).

Got that swing

Slim Gaillard & Leo Watson, "Avocado Seed Soup Symphony", 1945.
Frances Carroll & Her Coquettes featuring Viola Smith, "Snake Charmer", 1939.
"I'd like you to meet our very charming little drummer... "
Stuff Smith, Cat on a Hot Fiddle, "Nice and Warm", 1959.
u2b channels Stuff: §.

!Winter !yet & jes' maybe !Even grew

Bechara El-Khoury, Autumn Pictures, concerto pour clarinette op. 78, 2010.
Orchestre de jeunes d'Île de France, Patrick Messina (clar.)[4]
Raphaël Faune Quartet, Faune, 2020.
Raphaël Pannier (drums, composition), Miguel Zenon (a. sax), Aaron Goldberg & Giorgi Mikadze (piano), François Moutin (a. bass)


Rautavaara, Cantus Arcticus: Concerto for Birds and Orchestra, 1972.
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (2019)
Dave Holland Quartet, Conference of the Birds, "Q & A", 1974.
Dave Holland (b), Anthony Braxton (winds), Sam Rivers (fl), Barry Altschul (d), live at Juan-les-Pins.


Donald Byrd, A New Perspective, "Elijah", 1964.
Louis Armstrong with Sy Oliver Choir and the All Stars, Louis & the Good Book, "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel", 1958.
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