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Most often uncountable as a suffix. (homework, housework, paperwork, etc.) However, "artworks" and "roadworks" can be counted in British English, but are uncountable in American English.

Contrast with "job" or "task" which are countable. NB: mon travail is translated as "my job" unless you are talking about the fruit of your labor (i.e. something more abstract than your everyday job).


An activity verb meaning travailler, but unrelated etymologically to the Latin torture instrument. Instead the word is related to the root "erg" such as can be found in energy, urgent, gamergate...

The verb can also mean fonctionner / marcher.

  • This machine doesn't work. (Elle ne fonctionne pas)
  • That'll work. (Ça marche.)

Forms (regular verb)

  • dictionary form (bare infinitive): work
  • present tense: works (3s), work (1s/p, 2s/p, 3p)
  • past tense: worked
  • present participle: working
  • past participle: worked