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dos in French. on the back: au dos, au verso


support. French: soutenir (financièrement ou moralement)

verb particle combinations

  • back up = 1) sauvegarder (données), 2) reculer, aller en arrière
  • back out (of an agreement) = revenir sur un engagement, renoncer à

back interagit moins idiomatiquement avec d'autres particules dans son sens principal de "re:", voir ci-dessous...

  • go back over: répéter, parcourir de nouveau
  • look back through: reviser


  • backache (n.) -- mal au dos
  • background (n.) -- fond
  • backtrack (v.) -- aller en arrière, revenir sur
  • backer (n.) -- supporteur, garant, investisseur (Cf. the verb "to back")
  • backing (n.) -- support (financial, moral)
  • backlighting (n.) -- retroéclairage, contrejour
  • backfire (v.) -- se retourner contre, foirer, pétarader

American football

Most of those who do not start play on the line of scrimmage (where the offensive center has the ball at the beginning of play) are called backs of one sort or another:


quarterback -- receives the ball from the center (this starts the play)
running back -- these guys job are to run:
  • halfback -- usually smaller and faster than a fullback
  • fullback -- usually very strong


linebacker -- usually about 3-5 meters back from the line of scrimmage
cornerback -- may line up at the line of scrimmage or farther back.

More on this crucial bit of Americana at sportsfeelgoodstories. ^^


souvent equivalent au prefix re- en français.

  • go back home -- rentrer à la maison
  • come back! -- reviens!
  • call back later. -- rappeler plus tard
  • walk back -- rentrer à pied
  • drive back -- rentrer en voiture
  • look back on -- rémémorer