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Latest revision as of 22:32, 1 August 2020

  • Yellow vests movement (45K) ... +89.7K ... -41.4K
  • 2019–2020 Algerian Protests (36K) ... +48.5K ... -22.9K
  • Sudanese revolution (23K) ... +23.5K ... -11.2K
  • 2018–2019_Haitian_protests (15K) ... +17.1K ... -7.2K
  • François Rabelais (14K) ... +17.2K ... -11.1K
  • Media coverage of Bernie Sanders (8k remains) ... +52.4K ... -42.4K
  • Tulsi Gabbard (4.5K) ... +44.9K ... -72.1K. Other major contributors have similar profiles, as much was split off to her political positions page.
  • Vienne, Isère (3.3K)
  • Pierre Vernet (created) (3.3K)
  • Amazon (company) (1.8K)
  • Gère (created) (1.6K)
  • Vincent Bolloré (1.5K)
  • Glyphosate (1.2K) nb: SmartSE moved 2.6K to Monsanto legal cases here.
  • Carlos Ghosn (0.8K)
Just as a side-note, I don't believe I chose the name for any of those pages, except the two I created. Also, since I don't tend to be prolix, in general when tightening pages, I often delete more than I add.
  • Paradisus Judaeorum 1K
  • Netflix 0.3K
  • etc.